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Dear Friends,

The sole function of the KENMAN FOUNDATION is to raise funds for worthwhile charities via the copyright residuals of my Kenman Creations images and videos.

If you are considering purchasing a Kenman Creations Manitoba Pride Poem Print or a Photographic Art Image Print while making a large donation to one of the local charities listed in my Home Page or any charity you may choose, please email me at Wall decor images are available in sizes 12×18 to 43×67 inches, custom made by Photo Central. Images are available as a ready to hang float mount or canvas wrapped mount, or prints can be professionally custom framed. I will provide to you the Photo Central price list for the float mount version, or you can contact or visit the store for custom printing, framing options and prices.

I will then order your custom made image with Photo Central, which they will then contact us when it is ready to be then picked up at their store, or have shipped to your home or office.

The images are also available for unique media opportunities.

Please visit my YouTube videos,

– My 10:01 minute MANITOBA PRIDE video which includes my favorite images I’ve created within Manitoba.

– My 16:22 minute KENMAN PRODUCTIONS video which includes my favorite images of my entire portfolio.

-My 4:40 minute CNIB & KENMAN FOUNDATION video which includes the 35 images from my office gallery which I have donated to CNIB.

-My 5:10 minute FLAIR video  which includes images with FLAIR to inspire you to donate to your favorite charity.

– My 6:32 minute KENMAN CREATIONS video which includes my Charitable Photographic Art wall decor gallery which are included within the CNIB & KENMAN FOUNDATION video.

Please turn up the volume on your home theatre, relax, enjoy and share with all you know!

If you may be inspired by my images and videos to make a large donation or any amount to your favorite charity or to a supported charity as per my website, especially Winnipeg Harvest who truly needs our financial support, I would be honored if you could send me an email to with your name, your charity and the amount you donated.

Thank you,
Ken Liwiski